Business development

Business development

Scanning a sales organisation

Analysis and understanding of the: customer, competitive situation, provided solutions, needs and opportunities and the strengths and weaknesses of the business team. Tailor-made for you!


Key Account Management

KAM model. Identifying the vision, objectives and strategies for a key customer. Client relationship management. Negotiating with a key customer: all this and much more in the hands of top business executive managers.


Business skills – excellence in the sales process

Self-reliance of a businessman.

Sales cycle, work with contacts, appointment meetings, preparation for negotiations, sales talk techniques, conclusion.

Profiling and the lecturer selection by the business subject. Specialisation in retail, pharma, telecom, banking, insurance and technologically complex disciplines.

3 advancement levels.


Customer care service

The aim of the training program is to deepen the professional communication skills of participants with a special emphasis on conflict-free communication and proactive solutions to everyday situations.



Naučte se prodeji souvisejícího sortimentu s nadhledem a lehkostí.



Learn how to sell the related assortment with ease.



Track shopping signals and offer a more expensive product. Take advantage of your sales potential without any unjustified assumptions.


Additional sale

What should you do to improve additional sales figures? Offer and provide service with the main product.

Sales Management Academy

Sales manager and their key competencies. Art of reading data. CES. Prioritise business goals. Internal negotiations. Strategic external negotiations.
A comprehensive tailor-made program for your sales department.


Shading in the field

2- or 3-way visits
Initial contract shading, briefing before each visit, ex post debriefing and day conclusion. Feedback and coaching interventions. The basis is the continuity and consistent monitoring/measuring the development of the given competence during the co-operation.


Business networking on social networks: Aimed at businessmen

What platforms are suitable for you? How can you use your network actively?
The training is continuously updated to reflect current communication trends.

Let’s find the solution together,
so that you can make it.

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