Most people underestimate assertiveness or mistake it with something else. Well mastered or at least conscious assertiveness is a good foundation if you want to work on more advanced communication techniques.



The art of persuading others and getting them on your side.

Argumentation: assertion and its reasons supported by evidence.

Unclear arguments and how to refute it effectively.

Argumentation and logic in relation to manipulation.

Preparation of arguments based on your own knowledge and the knowledge of others.


Defence against manipulation

Identify the manipulators approach and techniques and find out how to respond to them. Manipulator typology, environment and time manipulation. Managing emotions.



Providing feedback in everyday communication. Constructive feedback in private and work environment. Rules for giving undue feedback. How to give it and how to receive it (!).


Dealing with an internal client

Who is an internal client, their needs and expectations. Communication in dealing with an internal client as an indicator of corporate culture. Preventing extra work, lack of efficiency, conflicts and their solutions.


Multi-cultural communication

Communication across a different cultural environment. How to lead participants to mutual tolerance and understanding. Communication in intercultural team.


Solving conflicts

What are the factors leading to a conflict? Challenging situations and how to deal with them. Managing crisis communication situations. Self-control and emotions in conflict. Constructive conflict resolution, win-win strategy.



Communication and teamwork. Communication as the basis of co-operation and respect. A collaborative approach to team communication. Ability to pass and share information. Synergy in practice.


Communication on social networks

What are the specifics of communication on social networks? Who are the target group? Business networking on social networks. Learn about success, goals and performance measurement tools.

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