Company management

Company management

Strategic Management

Define long-term goals and the way to achieve them with managers and leaders, whose results and reputation make them competent for the tasks.

Training and consulting projects with consultants in practice who continue to successfully manage their business.


Lean processes

Map the value streams and lean the processes with us, based on the so-called “lean” principles.

Together, we can create conditions for useful habits of process owners that lead to permanent process improvement of key processes.


Performance Management Systems

Someone has a performance management system in the blood – we are happy that that person is our key lecturer. The program combines the necessary theoretical principles with the preparation of the practical system setting in a particular team or company. We have experience of deploying from top management gradually downwards, and from line and top management simultaneously.

Change management

  1. Initiation of changes
  2. Implementation of changes

We will teach you how to set up the process management in the form of solving workshops that you use to approach each change. We don’t lead you to new things but to important things.


Reporting: How to sell the results to headquarters

How to secure that business stays in the Czech Republic, capacities and resources don’t move to another country or another division. How to sell the results and convince myself that I am the right person in the right place. How to achieve valuable performance evaluations.
Mental and skill training.


Crisis Management

How to prevent crisis situations in your business and how to deal with them.

How to implement complex projects whereby the company responds to a crisis situation.

How to deal with a key person suddenly leaving and the associated destabilisation of performance and motivation.

Let’s find the solution together,
so that you can make it.

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