A method based on the comparison of multiple bidders in different model situations with multiple evaluators. It can be supplemented with a range of psychological tests (load management, multi-factor work profile, numerical test, abstract thinking test, etc.). Although, it is best known for selecting new employees, we use it with great success for choosing within talent or other development programs within the company.


Psycho-diagnostic tests

(e.g. MBTI, Hogan’s personality questionnaire, colourful typology, situational leadership…).

We use them for training, management academies, for personal development and self-awareness. We have certified professionals with many years of experience for all the tests we offer.


360° feedback

This highly popular model is not only used to identify moods and critical locations throughout the company but also to work with it as a measurable factor in long-term development processes.


Personnel audit

Based on their own managerial experience and proven methods, our consultants will process an independent view of your personal processes. They then can help with the implementation.

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