Hard skills

Hard skills


We prepare practical training for employees from fundamentals to highly advanced techniques and procedures, especially in office programmes – to serve both employees and the entire company.



We educate legal issues from A to Z. We prepare the company for a court hearing, in the form of a combination of legal argumentation and presentation skills.



Non-financial positions in the company fundamentally affect the finances of the entire company – therefore, it is worth paying attention to the business development as well as the financial thinking of each employee. We also develop specialists in the areas of taxation, accounting, risk management, controlling, and more.


Project Management

The inter-connection of soft and hard skills has also proven us well in this area – how to choose people for the project team, how to communicate with them, how to provide feedback, etc., as well as how to phase the project, how to create CAPEX, how to work in agile project management – we can link all that to your advantage.



A topic that is a necessity to deal with. How does a company protect client data, employee data and business partners’ data?

We will help you to implement the GDPR principles in your company’s processes by using solution workshops. At the same time, you can use this process to introduce future legislative or strategic changes.


IT themes

IT security in general, social network security, social networking to achieve marketing goals, SEO and many other topics – we can connect practitioners with the goals you want to achieve by trainings or counselling in this field.


Industry 4.0

Other themes linking soft and hard skills – what are the requirements for personal development and the attitudes of people who are de facto controlled by robots versus how to implement robotics in companies, and with regard to people and their fears of losing their jobs.


3D printing

What positives can 3D printing bring to your business? Can I save on parts? Models or prototypes? Can I save time? How can you calculate the cost and return on investment in 3D printing? How can you open your mind to all the opportunities and forms of application that this technology offers to your business? You will be given the answers and also you will get to try it!



Lean solutions with VSM leader and industry practitioners.



Purchase Request Making, Purchase Planning and Progress, Vendor Selection, Purchase Negotiation Strategy, Negotiation Methods, and Annual Vendor Rating – all with the lecturer’s eye with a long-term managerial experience in purchasing practices.

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