Tools for addressing candidates. The best versus the most suitable candidate – who to choose? Effective use of behavioural interviewing and diagnostic tools.



How to set the process and its sustainability. How to motivate colleagues outside HR to engage in adaptation. Examples of good practice.



Setting up a company education system and evaluating the educational activities effectiveness. How to motivate employees into wanting to be educated. How to present a management education plan.



Creating an effective remuneration and benefits system across the company. Linking the remuneration system and regular evaluation.



Key managerial interviews. Feedback as one of the most important management tools.


Outplacement at a time of labour shortage

Legal, social, psychological level of redundancy. Practical examples.


Behavioural interview

Behavioural issues when interviewing a candidate as well as in the developing existing staff.


Labour law

Labour Code and other labour legislation, employers’ obligations towards employees.


Collective negotiations

Preparing for difficult negotiations with lecturers who have particular experience with collective negotiations.


Diagnostic tools for human resources

Psycho-diagnostic and personality tests that can be used and evaluated even without psychological education.


Talent Management

How to recognise, develop and keep potential employees. Setting up work with talents in the organisation.

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