People Management

People Management


The general idea of delegation is “I pass the task”. We also pass the competence and responsibility.


Management and Motivation of NON-employees (ID No., working contract length…)

Employees working with their Business ID No. or in other form than working contract, are “different”. Appropriate ways and forms of their leadership, motivation, evaluation and general communication.



Power, authenticity, personal example, co-operation, trust … humility? Be a strong leader. Learn through the experience of a global leader or recognised lecturers and coaches.


Management Skills

Comprehensive programs and management academies supporting techniques, skills, competencies and personal development of people in leadership positions.


Conducting meetings

Preparation, progress, outputs and consistency of agenda implementation depending on the type of meetings and their aims.


Managerial talks

Communicate with co-workers with ease on a daily basis, in unpleasant situations or when you wish to praise them or reprimand them, evaluate quarterly or annual results, and set targets for the next period together.



Do you have a challenge for a person in your team? Tell them what outcome you expect, or what the result should be. Allow them to achieve the result themselves and to make their own decision. What will it bring to you?



Build a culture of commitment to the values and goals of your business. Encourage others! Boost the performance and satisfaction of your employees as well as your customers.


Virtual Team Management

We lead a team but it’s been a long time (or has never happened) since we have shook hands. How to work with team members who are on the other side of the globe or “just” in another region.


Intercultural Communication

How to understand a promise, consent, poker face. How to (not) commit a faux pas.

And other communication schemes, barriers, coping with them and overcoming them – training with a lecturer who works and controls people of more than 50 nationalities.

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