Media a marketing

Media a marketing

Internal and external communication

Take care of your relationships with your employees so they can better understand and accept where your organisation is heading, what its goals are, and to make sure they are happy in your organisation.

Improve the reach of your customers, your business communications in the public and the media.



Build relationships with the public and your surroundings. We will work with you on your image, relationships and communication with target groups.


Digital Marketing

For those who want to use the new media and forms of interactive communication to promote their organisation.


On-line marketing

Set up or revise activities to support internet sales growth.


Consultation projects

Putting a new product on the market; consultation of your live projects, etc.


Media Training

Are you in contact with the media? Are you going to go out in front of the camera? Do you do press releases? Do you have presentation on social networks? We’ll guide you through the media environment pitfalls.


Social media marketing

Do you want to promote your product or service by using social media? We will help you launch social media marketing or streamline communication in the media.


Brand management

How to start a brand or improve its performance. Comprehensive brand strategy. Inputs to new markets. Our lecturer will be your guide, “the lover of brands”.



We will help you to secure that your merchandise has the right goods in the right place; at the right time and for the right price.

Let’s find the solution together,
so that you can make it.

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