Personal development

Personal development


Harmonising work and personal priorities. What is the association between satisfaction and efficiency? Analyse your own state. What are your automatisms, where is your life balance? Program with the nutritional specialist assistance that measures your real data and helps you determine specific measures.



Identify and develop your own potential, uncover your hidden resources. Open space for your own development.


Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Understanding motives and emotions with you and others. EQ in relation to social skills.


Time management

How to deal with your time effectively. Deployment, pace and concentration at work. Find effective time self-management tools, including flexibility in your day-to-day or strategic planning.


Priority management

What determines the importance of priorities, both conscious and unconscious? How do you manage your energy, what gives energy and what exhaust your energy? What are your personal reserves, the deficit?


Stress management

Stress in everyone’s life, the concept of stress. Analysis of your own situation, threats from stress and difficult life situations. Mental hygiene principles.


Burnout Syndrome

Set-up practical steps to prevent Burnout Syndrome. Relaxation methods, techniques and other guides and also strategies for managing internal tensions and working with acute and long-term stress.


Out of the box

Make the most of your potential. Try to “think differently”, innovating, without introducing any stigma. Find the source of your creativity.


Critical thinking

Methods of independent thinking (E-U-R model). Orientation in the world of disinformation. Recognising the credibility of information resources, working with questions.



Individual and group coaching meetings with a certified coach. Coaching as a manager approach – coaching principles and processes, basic assumptions and methods. In what situations should coaching be used? The art of working with questions.



Setting-up the mentoring process and evaluation the criteria. What effective techniques should be used when passing knowledge and skills to other workers? The mentor’s objectives, motives and important skills.


Step away from the comfort zone

Work with fear as a development potential. How to find the uncomfortable zone? Find out how to overcome your own fear and turn it into useful energy. A customised plan of steps into the unknown.

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