Presentation skills

Presentation skills

Presentation Academy

From (non) verbal communication, presentation creation strategy, visualisation up to final practice of compliance of all components; 3 advancement levels.


Presentation Design

Focused on advanced, technically skilled participants who want to impress with their visuals and differ in the corporate presentations.


Presentations and reports on detox

Focused on the visualisation of quantitative data, how to help analytical institutions to reconcile the required data gap on the slide with neurological programming, and the results of scientific research on how the human brain absorbs information.


Webinars – presentation excellence

Essential change presentation training in the form of webinars, including technical support.


First minute trends in presentations

The biggest and most recent world-class trends and tricks used by familiar presentation stars, as well as recommendations of what’s out and how to replace these transgressions against the trend.


Business presentation

Focused on the specifics of business presentations from a projector, PC or tablet, without any aids; B2B and B2C sales; presentation specifics according to the product and target group.


Product presentation

“I present in order to introduce, not to sell” = a big mistake. Focused on non-commercial positions.



How to build a presentation that convinces on the basis of a story. Work with a unique thought map to help you make the story, develop it and direct it.



The principles of rhetorical art in the presentation of the most prominent personalities who we consider to be great speakers.

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