Development programs for communication, stress resistance and teamwork conducted in the interior.

The main goal of these actions is to focus on communication and team deepening competencies from a different point of view. They don’t run via a classic workshop, but they prefer experience in the form of specific games that directly reveal development themes. The greatest added value is the “aha” effect and the mutual co-operation deepening. It can be carried out virtually anywhere.




Team communication, critical situation solutions, process and strategic solutions combined with interior and exterior.

In the case of solution process or change projects, we recommend a combination of workshops interlaced with outdoor activity that maximises creativity and the possibility of finding new, less banal solutions.


Corporate drumming

An activity suitable for extremely rapid tuning and matching small and large groups of participants. Corporate drumming is interactive drumming or creating a common rhythm for your corporate event. Each participant will receive a drum or other percussion instrument, and a staggering rhythm will be created under the guidance of professionals on the stage… You will experience freezing throughout your body until you hear the power of a joint rhythm… Information shared after the common drumming will find an easier way to their listeners.




Do you need to start new energy in your team or do you want to take your business through an extensive process? Fire-walking is a powerful metaphor of challenging life situations – allowing you to experience what you as individuals and teams are able to do when you really decide you want to.

Fire-walking gives you new energy for professional and life changes, tasks and projects. Our experience is that the fire-walk is a good end to your talent program or an opening workshop to a change program or leadership academy.


Adrenaline and sports activities

Do you want to experience something untraditional, adrenaline, something you always wanted to try and had no time? We can provide activities from go-carts riding to parachuting or a paintballing competition. It’s up to you how much adrenaline you want to experience together.

Tournaments and races – orienteering.

An innovative programme to form teambuilding which can be implemented in a quiet, unpretentious and yet very attractive form.


Team cooking

Interesting experiences can be gained during joint or team cooking – it can take place in a luxurious area or in the wild in unconventional conditions.


Strategic and detective games with the reflection of experienced professionals

You need your team to take a new breath – try to go out into the countryside and explore this treasure together or discover something from the forgotten history of our country. The goal is always teamwork and unusual experience.

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