What we do for you

What we do for you

Courses and comprehensive development programmes

A one-day course or a year-long programme? Both are useful and we’ll tailor both of them to suit your specific needs.

One-off training, catalogue courses, workshops, group couching, facilitation, as well as specialist courses – even these seemingly repeatable activities are created from scratch each time, taking into account the uniqueness of your assignment. Our educational and development topics cover all lines of entrepreneurship, as well as the various degrees of participants’ progress.

We base our comprehensive development programmes for senior and middle management – the most senior positions, alongside those of production supervisors – as well as leadership spurt programmes on a well-coordinated team that’s able to work in parallel or tandem and has managerial experience from the client’s line of business. Practical tasks on which the programme participants work are specifically focused, measurable, but also professionally reviewed. We form lector duos which consist of your in-house and our outside mentor or coach who brings an outside perspective, and thus helps create exceptional results.  Inspiring meetings with extraordinarily successful figures that have something to say about the programme’s subject serve as an additional motivation.

We’ll guide you through modification projects

Doing things the same way while expecting different results?

At the personal level, we teach every person to step out of their comfort zone and then get used to doing the one thing they fear the most each day. We help leaders gain more confidence in their own skills (the art of empowerment) and apply their success to further development. We teach techniques on how to gain more perspective and become more imaginative.

From the strategic point of view, we prepare you for your company’s restructuring and its transformation. We’ll equip your people with skills and approaches that guarantee a higher quality of business results and effectiveness even in difficult situations. This doesn’t only involve substantial changes such as the arrival of a new owner, or reorganization – we believe that each project is a change, be it e.g. resetting an established process of running a large technological entity, communicating ambitious goals set by a new business plan, changing the approach towards customer service, or streamlining reporting within a matrix structure.

Originality is our method, not recycling.

What is valued nowadays? Originality and an unconventional approach. Creativity fares best where there’s chaos, fun, or risk and when the established rules are ignored. People often can’t imagine that the things they associate with start-ups might work in their company, in their workplace. Yet it’s exactly the “start-up feeling” that can be a propelling force behind changes and progress. How can you, then, get rid of uniformity and find the resolve to continue what you’ve been doing well, but for a very long time?

Due to Economia’s position, we can inspire you with personalities from the world of media, business, institutions, science, culture, and social life who’ve made it – they come not only from the Czech Republic, but also from abroad. Furthermore, the facilities provided by our media house give us a unique position in various fields, such as media training, self-branding, self-presentation, creative writing, multichannel marketing, or PR.

… and how?

Don’t be worried that we’ll give you lectures and presentations that make everybody fall asleep faster than the best lullabies. We rely on solving particular situations and involving all interested parties. Should we express our methods in percentages, it’s mostly 70% learning through practice, 20% directed discussion, and 10% theory. Although our lectors always explain the theoretical basis if the situation calls for it, you’ll never have to deal with the frontal approach in the form of a lector putting on a “one man show”.

Those who participate in the courses solve case studies and model situations, undergo exercises aimed at mastering various roles, and work with self-reflection tests. We know from experience that after initial resistance the participants also appreciate video training and sophisticated feedback which involves analysing examples.

Workshops also consist of defining best practices, i.e. the most important things to be immediately implemented.

We use the coaching approach to solve a specific problematic assignment – thus, we become supervisors and encourage the group to find the solution itself. Such group coaching is crucial especially as a part of modification projects. A form of learning based on experience, i.e. learning through experience, is also very popular. This involves a lector providing feedback or facilitating reflection in various ways.

When we teach professional courses, the content is significantly more theory-based than in the previous cases. However, this is balanced out by the theory’s connection with its benefits to a specific participant’s practice.

Our lectors are very often experienced or certified coaches who can engage with individuals by means of individual coaching. This form of learning is determined at the initial meeting and then continuously evaluated with regards to its fulfilment.

All educational and development programmes involve asking a question

How do we know that these programmes met the expectations? What should change once they’re over? We set our activities in a way that ensures that their merit is measurable. We have tools to evaluate the quality and value of the result, as well as to assess the participants’ involvement and engagement.
Let’s find the solution together,
so that you can make it.

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